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Connect Benefit Series: Student Success - Employability

As part of our wider Connect Benefit Series project on Student Success, this thematic area focussed on embedding employability in higher education.

This area of focus within the Connect Benefit Series - Student Success project aims to support members in adopting practical, evidence-based approaches that enhance employability in higher education (HE).

Employability literature review: introductory blog

Conducted by a research team at Oxford Brookes University, the publication ‘Employability: a review of the literature 2016-2021’ aims to identify specific impact and evidence in relation to employability in HE, predominantly since the most recent Advance HE literature review from 2016.

In this introductory blog, project lead Dr Roger Dalrymple shares some reflections on the experience of reviewing this fast-moving field.

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Roger Dalrymple

Download the literature review

The review by Oxford Brookes University focuses on peer-reviewed journal articles on employability within higher education which present and/or discuss evidence of 'what works'.

The research team, led by Dr Roger Dalrymple, Associate Dean: Student Outcomes, also comprised Dr Andrea Macrae, Principal Lecturer, Stylistics and Student Experience;  Dr Maia Pal, Senior Lecturer in International Relations; and Dr Shirley Shipman, Principal Lecturer (Student Experience) and Programme Lead (Law).

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Employability outputs

Employability, Enterprise, and Entrepreneurship: Solving Wicked Problems 

This collection of case studies represents the culmination of a series of discussions from the annual Advance HE Employability Symposium hosted in April 2021. This year the event focused on ‘Employability, Enterprise, and Entrepreneurship: Solving Wicked Problems’. This publication builds on the insights from the symposium with cutting edge examples of how sustainable and innovative pedagogies can be delivered in higher education.

In order to find solutions to wicked problems in a changing world, we need to understand where we are, what innovations are taking place and what it could mean for the sector. The insights in this publication enable the sector to think ahead and hopefully provide the basis of new questions as well as potential next steps.

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Podcast Series

Student Success: measuring and measures of employability

In this episode, Dr Andrea Macrae and Dr Roger Dalrymple discuss the findings of the 2016-21 employability literature review, with particular emphasis on measurement of different employability interventions and employability development.

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In Conversation with Sustainability Leaders – Special Publication

Student Success: entrepreneurship and work-integrated learning

In this episode, Andrea Macrae and Roger Dalrymple discuss the aspects of the literature review focusing on entrepreneurship and work-integrated learning.

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Student assessment podcast

Student Success: critiques of employability

In this episode, Andrea Macrae, Roger Dalrymple and Dr Maia Pal discuss the aspects of the literature review focusing on critiques of employability.

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Student Success: inequalities and differential opportunities

In this episode, Dr Maia Pal and Dr Shirley Shipman discuss the aspects of the literature review focusing on inequalities and differential opportunities of employability.

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Students and alumni

Student Success – perspectives from our global membership

In this episode, Dr Catriona Bell, Advance HE's Head of Membership (Scotland), is joined by Dr Jacqueline Brodie, Dr Issra Pramoolsook and Ruth Puhr to share their insights on employability from an international perspective. 

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Employability events

Student Success: Employability webinar

During this October 2021 webinar, authors from Oxford Brookes University discussed the context, themes and key findings of their recent Advance HE publication Employability: A Review of the Literature 2016-2021.

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Employability summits

With consideration to the publication Employability: a review of the literature 2016-2021, these summits offered colleagues an opportunity to reflect on recent innovations in teaching practice and employability support within Higher Education. Recognising the crucial role that universities play in preparing students for activities post-graduation the summits identified core components, considered new methods, and helped shape the eventual update to the Framework for Embedding Employability in Higher Education. The summits identified how employability, as a core thematic strand, aligns to different areas identified by the sector as critical for enabling student success, ensuring any future iteration of the Framework Series is not considered in isolation.

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