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Connect Benefit Series: Student Success - Flexible learning

As part of our wider Connect Benefit Series project on Student Success, this thematic area focussed on flexible learning in higher education.

This area of focus within the Connect Benefit Series - Student Success project aims to support members in developing and implementing practical, evidence-based approaches to flexible learning in higher education.

Flexible learning literature review - introductory blog

This area of focus is based on the research publication ‘Flexible learning: a literature review 2016 – 2021’ conducted by Professor Mark Loon of Northumbria University.

In this introductory blog, Professor Loon explains his research approach and shares his thoughts on the findings.

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Conducted by Professor Loon, this literature review aims to identify flexible learning trends, issues and impact from 2016 to the end of 2021, with particular focus on identifying 'what works' in the design, development and implementation of flexible learning. Specific areas of focus include the contextual framing of flexible learning (such as situational factors from an institution or national perspective), technological developments and their application, and pedagogical developments.

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Podcast series

Student Success: Flexible learning part one

In the first episode, Advance HE's Senior Advisors Stuart Norton and Dave Thomas discuss the opportunity to infuse diversity within higher education to ensure practices and process are flexible to promote student success for increasingly diverse cohorts.

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Student Success: Flexible learning part two

In the second episode, Kim Ansell, Senior Advisor at Advance HE, is joined by Professor Lisa Hanna to share her insights and expertise on how institutions create an inclusive culture which enables innovative and flexible teaching and learning.

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Student Success: Flexible learning part three

In this episode, Professor Mark Loon is joined by Professor Keitha Dunstan, Professor Ruksana Osman and Professor Lisa Anderson to explore the flexible learning in the global context.

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Flexible learning events

Student Success: Flexible learning webinar

At this March 2022 webinar, authors discussed the context, themes and key findings of their recent literature review on Flexible learning (2016 – 2021).

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Flexible learning summits

With consideration to the literature review on flexible learning (2016 – 2021), Advance HE held three summits which offered colleagues an opportunity to engage with, and feedback views and perceptions of the review. Additionally, the summits provided a platform to discuss the interconnection between Advance HE's framework components, to ensure any future iteration of the Framework Series is not considered in isolation.

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Connect Benefit: Student Success Series

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