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Advance HE Institutional Membership 2021-22

We support over 390 members through the provision of a range of exclusive benefits including publications, events, webinars, advice and guidance.

Advance HE is proud to have a distinctive role helping higher education be the best it can be worldwide, founded on a deep-rooted partnership with the sector.

We share the values of the sector and understand its unique culture and how this varies within local contexts. Through our convening role and our track record in enhancing teaching and learning, supporting leadership and effective governance, and tackling inequalities, our membership continues to grow as does our reach and impact.

Six commitments will be used to guide our work to 2024. This isn’t an exhaustive list of everything we do; it sets a direction of travel ensuring we deliver what matters most to you. We will continue to listen and adapt to the needs of the evolving environment as we help HE shape its future.

  1. Enable strategic transformation

  2. Transform leadership for a new world

  3. Drive progress in equality, diversity and inclusion

  4. Enhance teaching and learning for student and institutional success

  5. Re imagine professional development

  6. Evolve higher education governance

In large part, we will bring this focus to life through our ‘Connect Benefit Series’ which is designed to bring members together to work with us in co-creating and sharing innovative solutions to contemporary challenges.

Advance HE membership offers packages which adapt to the differing needs of the higher education sector, on a global scale. More information can below found below

Member benefits 2021-22

Advance HE membership packages feature a range of benefits including the Connect Benefit Series and Accreditation Options.

Advance HE member benefits

Advance HE brings us together as a sector to help tackle the ‘bigger than us’ challenges. Initiatives that support sector-wide enhancement such as Athena Swan, the Professional Standards Framework, Race Equality Charter, and the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme, add real value and strengthen us all. In the current climate it feels more important than ever for the sector to find means to collaborate to address the challenges we face, and Advance HE can help us achieve this together".

Professor Becky Huxley-Binns, PVC Education, University of Hull

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Membership for HE providers in the UK

This package of Membership gives you access to the full range of our core member benefit services plus our accreditation options (Athena Swan, REC and/or Teaching and Learning Accreditation).

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Affiliate Membership for HE Providers in the UK

Affiliate Membership of Advance HE gives you access to world-leading services which will support you in helping you shape your future in today’s highly competitive HE market.

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Membership for Research Institutes in the UK

Research Institute Membership provides you with access to resources, insights, networks and communities, the priorities for which are determined by our members through a series of strategic advisory groups and your ongoing feedback

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International higher education providers

Advance HE has three membership packages, Access, Strategic and Global, each providing access to a worldwide network with resources to transform your institution.

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Membership for HE providers in the Republic of Ireland

Advance HE has three membership packages, Access, Strategic and Global, each providing access to a worldwide network with resources to transform your institution.

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Dedicated Advance HE membership contact

Your Head of Membership is a direct contact and sounding-board with strategic understanding of your context, stakeholders and institutional objectives. They will support you to engage with complex challenges and share good practice between members with you and ensure you access the services that best support your objectives and help you prepare for emerging challenges and opportunities.

Heads of Membership