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Advance HE Membership for Research Institutes

Advance HE membership provides access to resources, insights, networks and communities, the priorities for which are determined by our members through a series of strategic advisory groups and your ongoing feedback.

Welcome to Advance HE Membership

We understand it is essential that Advance HE membership supports you to deliver your organisational strategies and overcome challenges. We work closely with our members and the sector, and  believe excellence is achieved by people. Removing the barriers, so all can succeed; driving positive change.

Today, the higher education and research institute sectors face challenges that were unimaginable just a few months ago. A global pandemic determines an extraordinary context shaping our work as your sector development agency as we navigate these challenges together.

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Covid-19 - Ensuring sustainability and readiness for the new normal

Members-only projects planned for 20-21 will focus on realising the learning from the Covid-19 emergency response and considering how institutions can reshape and redefine themselves in light of the changing world around them. The projects aim to support you in:

  • developing resilience to succeed in times of uncertainty and complexity
  • designing and delivering sustainable and flexible staff CPD programmes
  • strengthening the leadership and governance capacity to support effective strategic transformation
  • understanding the impact on equalities of the current crisis and continue to enhance the inclusivity of higher education and research in a rapidly changing environment.
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Advance HE Connect

Advance HE Connect is an online network exclusively for the HE and research sector that has facilitated sector-wide engagement during the Covid-19 pandemic, with individual log-ins increasing by 80% since March 2020. Members have been connecting with more than 17,000 users from 100 countries around the globe. This community platform is open to all those who work in HE and provides a space where the sector can share, connect and collaborate in one place.

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Advance HE Connect
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Connect Event Series 

Our ‘Connect Event Series’ is a ‘what works’ collection of member-only webinars that focus on sharing global practice to support your people find solutions to emerging challenges. We work closely with members to ensure these are responsive to current needs, demonstrated by our Covid-19 series. We’ve had over 5,000 people registered on these since lockdown began. All webinars in the series for 20-21 will form part of our major Covid-19 response programme. There are still a number of webinars to run during the 19-20 academic year.

"A brilliant webinar with the leading experts across three continents and multiple time-zones has enabled me to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field globally, all from the comfort of my desk!”

Pavel Ovseiko, Senior Research Fellow in Health. Policy and Management, University of Oxford.

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Good Practice Grants

Advance HE member institutions around the world are exclusively invited to bid for Good Practice Grants, providing the opportunity to develop and share innovative practice and solutions to the unsolved challenges faced by institutions as a result of the pandemic. The resources generated by these projects will be shared exclusively with members, and grants will be available to any individual or team(s).

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Governance and policies
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Publications, projects and resources

Membership provides institutions with access to a wealth of exclusive reports, publications and resources, and the latest thinking in leadership development, governance, organisation development, education and EDI.
Our priority in this next year is to provide our members with key practical, solution-focused toolkits, frameworks, research and resources informed directly from the outcomes of our Covid-19 collaborative projects.

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Advance HE accreditation

Advance HE Research Institute membership includes participation in the Athena SWAN Charter package, helping to provide assurance to your stakeholders that your organisation strives for excellence.

We are absolutely committed to an Athena SWAN Charter that is both rigorous and accessible, so that everybody can be given the opportunity to thrive in the sector, and for the sector too to thrive as a result of more inclusive and fairer cultures.”

Alison Johns, Chief Executive, Advance HE

The Athena SWAN Charter

The Athena SWAN package not only includes access to the accreditation process that can result in the award of the Charter, it also includes a range of support to help institutions both enhance their practice and achieve recognition for their commitment in this area. Being part of an internationally recognised gender equality initiative can help your organisation meet its equality legislation requirements, as well as the requirements and expectations of some funders and research councils.

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The Race Equality Charter

The Race Equality is a key component of Advance HE’s mission to support
the sector in promoting fair representation, progression and success of minority ethnic staff and students in higher education. It provides a robust framework through which institutions work to self-reflect on institutional and cultural barriers standing in the way of minority ethnic staff and students and have their commitment to and progress in removing these barriers recognised.

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