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Teaching and Learning Accreditation application process

Our three-step process to Advance HE Teaching and Learning Accreditation

COVID-19 update

The deadline for institutions submitting for UKPSF accreditation in this round is 31 March. Through Advance HE’s developmental review process and our discussions with institutions we are aware that most institutions are in the final stages of preparing to submit and so we do not plan to change this deadline. If there are institutions who feel this may be problematic for them, we will work flexibly to agree timelines that work in the current circumstances.

If you have any questions about this approach or would like to discuss your institution’s timeline please contact

Your institution's journey to accreditation is a 3 step process:

  • Step 1 - Application form completion
  • Step 2 - Panel review of your application
  • Step 3 - Accreditation confirmation 

Important things to know about your submission

  • Application for Accreditation is made via a documentary submission within a structured form revised annually.
  • Your completed form must be endorsed by your institutional signatory and be accompanied by the full participant facing guidance for all programmes presented.
  • Once your submission has been received it will be checked to ensure that all documentation is complete and an acknowledgement will be sent to you. 
  • Accreditation commences on either 1 September, 1 February or 1 May and runs for a period of four years.
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The following deadlines apply:

Accreditation must be confirmed prior to the programme start date and backdating of accreditation start date is not permissible.
Accreditation submission deadline Earliest programme start date
31 March 2020 1 September 2020
30 September 2020 1 January 2021
31 October 2020 1 February 2021
31 January 2021 1 May 2021
31 March 2021 1 September 2021
30 September 2021 1 January 2022

Accreditation submission guidance notes

You will need to refer closely to two documents as you complete the submission template and embed the requirements for accreditation within the participant-facing guidance for each programme:

  1. Completing the accreditation submission form
  2. Guide to addressing the criteria for accreditation 2020-21

Please refer to the accreditation policy 2020-21 for the terms and requirements related to accreditation.

Submitting the completed accreditation submission template

When completed the submission template and appendices should be emailed to the accreditation team at

The submission will be checked to ensure that all documentation is complete and an acknowledgement will be sent to the institution.

Panel decision and recommendations

Our accreditation panel will review your application against four accreditation criteria that will lead to one of three decisions being made for each programme presented: 


Accreditation can be awarded with no further action. Feedback may include recommendations for future development and identification of good practice. 

Accredit subject to conditions

The programme can be accredited subject to some minor clarifications and/or enhancements. Within the feedback, areas of good practice will be identified and an accreditation action plan will be provided. Your institution will then need to provide evidence that the conditions within the action plan have been met before accreditation is awarded.

Returned for further development

Where it is judged that major development is required to meet the accreditation criteria, the programme (or programmes) will be returned to your institution with explanatory guidance. A new submission will be reviewed by a new accreditation panel.

How long your Accreditation will remain valid

Once awarded, your accreditation will be in place for a four-year period.

On commencement of accreditation we require an Annual CPD Review for all non-credit bearing programmes. We will provide a template for this report, which contains data personal to your institution. This personalised template will be sent to you during May each year.

Find out more about teaching and learning accreditation

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