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10,000th Fellowship awarded by Advance HE outside the UK

21 Apr 2021 | Advance HE The fantastic milestone was reached last month and shows the work being done across the globe to develop teaching and learning in higher education.

Advance HE has recently awarded the 10,000th Fellowship outside the UK. The milestone was reached in late March and there are now 10,280 Fellows recognised across all four Fellowship categories (at the time of writing). Of the 10,280 awards, there are 208 Principal Fellows, including Dr Tenia Kyriazi of Middlesex University Dubai, 2,113 Senior Fellows, 5,320 Fellows and 2,633 Associate Fellows, as well as 47 Indigenous Associate Fellows. 

In 2011 there were 659 Fellows recognised internationally, and the number has grown exponentially in the ten years since. The growing recognition of the scheme has led to the number of awards almost doubling in the last two years alone. 

Fellows can be found across the globe and the recognition shows a commitment from the individual and institution to high quality teaching practices, a key part of Advance HE’s higher education development services. Australia has the highest number of Fellows outside the UK, with 4,725, followed by Thailand, the UAE and Bahrain, and there are recognised Fellows at institutions from Fiji National University to Utah Valley University in the USA, showing the amazing reach of the scheme across the globe. 

Fellowships are awarded to applicants who demonstrate their teaching practice conforms to the UK Professional Standards Framework. They can be awarded through direct application to Advance HE or via an accredited programme. Programmes accredited by Advance HE give institutions the power to award Fellowships to their staff directly following completion of the course. Advance HE also delivers programmes at institutions such as the Certificate of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (CLTHE), following which participants are encouraged to apply for Fellowship.  

Advance HE recently commissioned independent research into the impact of accreditation, with the report identifying benefits including raising the profile of learning and teaching, encouraging cross-institutional collaboration, underpinning career progression for education-focused staff, developing effective educational practices and stimulating engagement in professional development and scholarship. 

Advance HE’s Head of Membership (International) and Associate Fellow, Ian Hall, said: “We are delighted to have reached this fantastic milestone, which shows that high quality teaching and learning is right at the top of the list of priorities for institutions across the globe, as it is for Advance HE. 

“Fellowship has proven benefits, across all categories, for both individuals and institutions. All of the benefits ultimately result in a better experience for students which is after all, what we are all here for.” 

The four Fellowship categories reflect the wide-ranging teaching practices that take place across the global higher education sector, from those who have a partial role in supporting teaching to senior professionals with evidence of longstanding strategic impact at their institution and in the wider sector. 

Fellowship demonstrates a personal and institutional commitment to professionalism in learning and teaching in higher education. Across four categories, from Associate to Principal, Fellowship provides individuals with recognition of their practice, impact and leadership of teaching and learning. Find out more here.


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