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Learning to reflect – a guide for educators

31 Jan 2020 | Advance HE A group of academics in Australia has created a new guide which supports reflective practice, published by Advance HE.

Reflection for learning: a scholarly guide for educators is designed for those interested in supporting reflective practice for their students’ learning, and for their own learning and career development.

The guide is the work of the Reflection for Learning Circle (R4L), established in 2011 and comprising a transdisciplinary team of academics passionate about reflective practice. Associate Professor Marina Harvey is a Principal Fellow and Director of Academic Development Services at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Together with Kate Lloyd, Kath McLachlan, Anne-Louise Semple (SFHEA) and Greg Walkenden from Macquarie University, they have created the guide to:

·                introduce a spectrum of approaches to reflective practice spanning analytical,   personalistic, critical and creative disciplines, and

·                consider the scholarship underpinning good reflective practice in higher education.

Over the years, we have developed, applied, practised, tested, and shared a wide range of evidence-based Reflection for Learning activities. In sharing these we felt it was also important to outline our journey of working and reflecting together because it may be useful for others wanting to develop their own R4L circle.

“There is no one best way to reflect. Readers are encouraged to experiment with the activities so as to be able to make judgements about which activities offer the best fit for their education context, based on the needs of learners, their learning environments, and their disciplines.”

Marina Harvey

In addition to Reflection for Learning activities, this resource guide also includes a series of mindfulness activities which intend to scaffold mindfulness as a foundation skill for reflective practice.


Download Reflection for learning: a scholarly guide for educators

Read Marina's blog explaining how reflection can be more than just writing 



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