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Advance HE comments on 'Living Black at University' commissioned by Unite Students

03 Feb 2022 | Advance HE "The research reinforces the reality of racism in the sector and that there is a long way to go to address it..."

Alison Johns, Advance HE’s Chief Executive, says, “Today’s report Living Black at University, commissioned by Unite Students, makes for sobering reading. The research reinforces the reality of racism in the sector and that there is a long way to go to address it.

“The report focuses on the negative experience of Black students in their living accommodation, with only 43% of the Black students surveyed feeling a sense of belonging in their accommodation compared with 61% of White students. Responses to our 2021 Student Academic Experience Survey (published with HEPI) indicate similar sentiments about belonging, which contributes to only 48% of Black, Asian and minority ethnic students saying they would choose the same course and university again, compared to 62% of White students. In terms of attainment, our reports on the degree awarding gaps highlight the persistent disparity in outcomes for Black and White students. 

“Everybody entering higher education should expect to have the same opportunity to enjoy the full student experience, whether in their academic endeavours or in their day-to-day university life. Our Strategy 2021-24 puts Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the core of our work; and we remain committed to supporting our members through such tools as the Race Equality Charter, developing leadership, striving for good practice in Teaching and Learning, and enhancing governance to help drive out racism from our sector.”

Find out more about the Race Equality Charter and improving the representation, progression and success of Black, Asian and minority ethnic staff and students.


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