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Advance HE launches Teaching and Learning events portfolio for 2022-23

21 Jun 2022 | Advance HE Following the launch of the Programmes & Events Portfolio, Advance HE has followed up with a mini-brochure dedicated to the many Teaching & Learning events taking place through the course of the 2022-23 academic year.

Following the successful launch of the new programmes, conferences, and events portfolio last week, Advance HE has launched a mini-brochure for Teaching & Learning events that will be hosted over the 2022-23 academic year. 

Teaching and Learning for Student Success in Higher Education focuses on enhancing all aspects of teaching and learning which is critical for those seeking to provide an outstanding student experience through all levels of HE. This portfolio will help you build or refresh your pedagogy, offering practical strategies and tools to enhance student success through all aspects of the student experience including transitions, curriculum design and development, enterprise and employability, assessment, engagement and inclusion, sustainability and much more. 

Advance HE has used feedback from members, visitors and the wider HE environment to reshape the portfolio for the new year, with the introduction of the Sustainability Conference, bringing together colleagues from across institutions to ensure sustainability is ‘front and centre’ in the mission of higher education. 

We’re also extending our symposia, adding events exploring “Students as Co-Creators” to share and discuss contemporary practice and initiatives and “Flexible Learning”, to offer insights and solutions in curriculum delivery in this post-pandemic era. We are also offering the opportunity for you to share and celebrate your Advance HE learning and achievements with digitally verified badges which are available for presenting at conferences and symposia or attending many of our events and programmes. 

Other events covered in the brochure include: 

  • Fellowship Application Builder – A six-week online, self-directed course providing accessible and convenient support and practical guidance to help you prepare your direct Fellowship application. 

  • New to Teaching – Designed to build the confidence to successfully deliver effective courses in a safe and nurturing environment. It is ideal for staff who are new to teaching in HE either as early career academics including postgraduate students with teaching responsibilities, or those who have moved from other sectors into a teaching role in higher education. 

  • Student Engagement Conference 2023 – Focusing on good practice in engaging students, the student voice and student participation in all aspects of higher education from governance and decision-making processes within HE to curriculum design and delivery and into the wider student experience outside of core teaching. 

  • Teaching and Learning Conference 2023 – Exploring topical issues relating to how we are enhancing student success and continually improving the student experience: including student transitions, curriculum design and development, enterprise and employability, assessment and feedback, student and staff engagement and inclusion, sustainability, and staff development. 

Teaching and Learning events are a cornerstone of Advance HE's Programmes and Events catalogue. Every year we take the same approach of listening to our members and the sector, with an emphasis on innovation and variety. This helps us formulate a specialist, expert-driven programme that has something for everyone from across the HE sector.

"We're especially excited for the new events that we'll be bringing to Teaching and Learning in 2022/23, especially the Sustainability Conference to address one of the biggest challenges the HE community faces, and the Students as Co-Creators Symposium, to ensure that the student community is at the heart of what we do."

Dr Celia Brigg, Associate Director for Conferences and Events 


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