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Advance HE reaches 150,000 teaching and learning fellows milestone

14 Oct 2021 | Advance HE More than 150,000 fellows are now recognised around the world with a personal and institutional commitment to professionalism in teaching and learning in higher education.

Advance HE is proud to announce it has awarded over 150,000 teaching and learning Fellowships, enhancing the quality and status of teaching and learning around the world. 

Fellowship is an internationally recognised badge of professional success for those who teach and support learning in higher education.  

Across four categories, AssociateFellowSenior and Principal, Fellowship provides individuals with recognition of their practice, impact and leadership of teaching and learning. Awarded to applicants who demonstrate their teaching practice conforms to the UK Professional Standards Framework, Fellowships can be achieved through direct application to Advance HE or via an accredited institutional programme.  

Fellowships are embedded in the UK and have been adopted by increasing numbers of higher education institutions globally, from the Americas to Australasia. 

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Having reached a significant milestone in Fellowship, we are inviting our colleagues to join us in celebrating awards to over 150,000 higher education professionals across all four Fellowship categories. 

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Infographic of 150,000 fellows around the world

Advance HE Chief Executive, Alison Johns, said, “What a  fantastic  achievement to reach 150,000 teaching and learning fellows around the world, particularly during one of the most  challenging  periods  ever  for delivering higher education.  

“The commitment that all fellows demonstrate to teaching, learning and the student experience is key to student success and an incredibly important aspect of their own personal development. Whether Fellow, Associate, Senior or Principal, it is strong evidence of professional practice in higher education and increasingly sought  after  by  institutions as a condition of appointment and promotion.” 

Stephen Marston, Chair of Advance HE’s Board and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gloucestershire, said, “Congratulations to all the most recent fellows and welcome to Fellowship. This global community represents a dedication to professional development and a recognition of successful teaching and learning.” 

150,000th fellow

Dr Jing Guo is a Lecturer in Nutritional Biochemistry at the University of Northampton. She is our 150,000th fellow after successfully applying for Fellowship through an accredited programme as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Reading. She said: "I am delighted that I have achieved Fellowship from Advance HE! This excellent recognition inspires me to develop further my own teaching practice and pursue a full Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice."

Image of Dr Jing Guo

New Fellow

James Else, Head of Postgraduate Studies at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance is also a new Fellow. He said, “I found it really valuable to take time to reflect on my teaching skills and how I can develop a pedagogical approach which speaks to the demands of higher education, the profession and the creative possibilities of being an artist today.  

"Becoming a teaching and learning Fellow helped enable me to focus on these often conflicting demands and consider how best to continue to develop the excellence at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance.”

Image of James Else

New Senior Fellows

Ellen Spender is a Senior Lecturer at Swansea University and new Senior Fellow. She said, "Achieving Senior Fellowship is an honour, the completion of which enabled me to focus on my successful teaching strategies and broadened my awareness of my responsibilities to optimise the student experience.   

"The completion of my Fellowship equipped me with a heightened awareness of pedagogical issues and enabled me to develop techniques which enhanced my teaching. It enabled me to become a ‘reflective practitioner’ by holding discussions with my colleagues, students and through peer observations which encouraged me to reflect on the apparent success of my strategies, placing positive student engagement at the forefront of my teaching to promote active learning."

Image of Ellen Spender
Dr Sumayh Saud Aljameel is an assistant professor in Computer Science Department in the College of Computer Science and Information Technology at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University and a new Senior Fellow. In her tweet she says: "Thanks to God and His success, I got today the British Higher Fellowship in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Senior Fellow) @AdvanceHE. Sincere thanks to the Deanship of University Education Development @IAU_ded to organize this program. And all appreciation to His Excellency the Dean of the College of Computer Science and Information Technology for the permanent support @IAU_CCSIT"

We have a range of services available for those looking for additional support with their Fellowship, Senior Fellowship and Principal Fellowship applications including our Fellowship Application Builder. Find out more.  

Our Principal Fellow Record of Educational Impact (PFREI) one-to-one support sessions are aimed at colleagues who are in the process of completing their Principal Fellow application and need more guidance on the Record of Educational Impact (REI) element. Find out more


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