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Assessment and Feedback in Law: a new collaboration project from Advance HE

27 Jul 2020 | Patrick Baughan We are delighted to announce the launch of our latest collaboration project, which focuses on the development and enhancement of learning-based assessment and feedback in Law. This is the latest of a series of such projects we have hosted, in which a number of institutions or departments within institutions work together and with Advance HE in relation to a specific theme.

Background to the Assessment and Feedback in Law Collaboration Project

Collaboration projects are all about working together to shape best practice. High quality, timely and equitable assessment and feedback practices represent a key aspect of the student learning process. This project will offer opportunities for informing and innovating in assessment and feedback. The project is designed to maximise the value of working alongside other institutions, while benefiting from Advance HE’s expertise in assessment and feedback.

Tangible Outcomes

Institutions joining benefit from a six-part project. This structure will allow for knowledge and good practice exchange as well as bespoke consultative support to develop your institution’s expertise, structures and processes. The project comprises:

  • an introductory consultation
  • a diagnostic survey
  • an interactive online collaboration event
  • two bespoke individual online workshops for each institution
  • an interactive concluding collaboration event
  • a summary report with outcomes

Thus, the project features tangible benefits and outcomes both for individual institutions and shared amongst the group, including the aforementioned data-grounded diagnostic, bespoke interventions, networking with colleagues at other institutions, and the provision of a recommendations report to shape future practice.

Addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the current pandemic, the entire project will be offered online. In addition, there will be opportunities to consider assessment and feedback issues in conjunction with the pandemic, for example, in remote or blended learning environments. The cost to join has been set extremely competitively at £5,000 (Advance HE member institutions) or £6,000 (non-member institutions).

Project Lead

The project will be led by Dr Patrick Baughan who has many years of experience in advising, teaching and researching assessment and feedback. Jenny Tester will also be closely involved in management of the project.

An Opportunity to Publish

For the first time in an Advance HE collaboration project, representatives of each joining institution will have the opportunity to submit to a paper for a publication about assessment and feedback in Law, to be produced by Advance HE for the sector. This will support the findings and best practice being established as part of the project and shared with the sector. All contributors would be credited as section authors of the publication. Please note the publication will be developed after completion of the actual project, and can only take place if there is sufficient interest amongst participants.

Join up!

We expect the collaboration project to begin in October 2020, find out more information and to register your interest.


Dr Patrick Baughan is a Senior Learning Adviser at Advance HE. His role involves supporting universities in the UK and internationally with all aspects of pedagogy, focusing particularly on teaching, assessment and feedback. He also has a significant role in Advance HE’s work on sustainability in higher education. He has held previous appointments at University College London (UCL), City University (City, University of London) and the University of Leicester. His research interests lie in the study of higher education as well as in areas of educational development. He co-founded the Society for Research in Higher Education (SRHE) Learning, Teaching and Assessment Network (LTAN) and is a co-convener of the Researching Higher Education Network for the European Educational Research Association (EERA).

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