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Aurora’s Impact on My Journey

15 Oct 2018 | Dr Katarina Lezova I took part in the Aurora programme during 2017/18 and it was one of the best investments and experiences I had in respect to my personal and professional development.

What also made a difference was my Aurora mentor who encouraged me to look beyond Aurora, asked me questions that were relevant for my career and pushed me to reflect more broadly on where I want to be professionally. She also introduced me to senior management staff and provided advice in an encouraging and non-judgmental way. I am happy to say that we are still in touch.

Fast-forward one year since the start of Aurora and I left the University where I was leading a personal and professional development programme and have set up my own coaching business called Insolo Coachingempowering people to achieve their goals and assisting PhD students – especially women - to get the results they want.

I can honestly say that I would not have taken this step without Aurora. The programme gave me courage and confidence that I can achieve my goals and the wider vision. During the year, it gave me valuable space to reflect and pause, so I could see more clearly where I am heading. It also helped me to reflect on the environment I worked in and I become certainly more self-aware. It reminded me that I am one hundred percent in control of what is happening to me and that it’s totally up to me what I achieve in life. Of course, I was scared to get out of my comfort zone and leave a full-time job. It was quite a bold step ahead, but I really wanted to do something with purpose and I knew that if I wouldn’t have taken this step one day I would have regretted it.

I feel that Aurora has motivated me to be better in all aspects of my work. It was also through Aurora that I met my current coach. Thanks to the programme I became more confident in my abilities and skills; and beyond all, I am now part of a great community of inspiring women. I look forward to staying engaged with Aurora.

You can find more information about the Advance HE Aurora programme here.

Katarina is a personal coach empowering people to maximise their potential and inspiring them to achieve their goals at Insolo Coaching. Her interest in design thinking and growth mindset approach has shaped how she works with clients. Katarina has been a researcher, teacher, mentor and coach in Higher Education (HE) and worked on research projects for commercial consultancies. She has a specialist knowledge of the UK HE sector; for four years she led a Personal and Professional Development Programme for students at Goldsmiths, University of London.

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