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A conversation on effective governance in higher education

14 Apr 2022 | Andy Shenstone & Jo Chaffer Andy Shenstone, Advance HE Director of Business Development and Jo Chaffer, Australia-based Key Global Associate with Advance HE, discuss key aspects in building effective governance

In this wide-ranging discussion Andy and Jo explore a number of questions about governance in UK higher education:

  • The distinguishing features of the UK higher education policy and legal context, particularly in terms of governance and how these shape institutional governance
  • The trends or major themes in governance in UK universities over the last few years
  • What those in governance should be paying more attention to
  • Improving governance effectiveness, including motivating and encouraging people with different talents, skills and perspectives to want to join governing bodies, including examples of good practice
  • Advice for leaders in shaping good governance, particularly in good governance culture
  • Building trust between the Executive and the Board.

Watch the video here

Andy Shenstone offers a deep understanding and experience of UK and international HE policy, governance and management. He is Advance HE’s Director of Business Development and Delivery, and an experienced Higher Education (HE) consultant with 20 years’ track record of successfully working with Universities, sector agencies and Ministries in the UK and overseas. [more]

Jo Chaffer has worked extensively as a development trainer providing consultancy and training services to private, public and third sector organizations around the world. Jo’s work adds value by supporting and driving growth, change and resilience through incisive analytical acuity, vibrant and creative working processes and provision of effective interventions and innovative tailored support. [more]

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