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‘Diversity is, thankfully, never going away. It’s only going to grow as people feel safer to really own their identities’

16 Feb 2022 | Georgina Brown In the third video in a series for LGBT+ History Month, Advance HE's Senior Adviser for Equality Charters, Georgina Brown, discusses the responsibility that higher education has to support the LGBT+ community.

It’s LGBT+ History Month. The theme for 2022 is Politics in Art: “The Arc is Long” which is inspired by a Martin Luther King quote: ‘The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice’ - meaning ‘although it is taking a long time, we are curving/moving towards social justice and fairness.’

We spoke to Georgina Brown (her/she and xe/xem/xir), Senior Adviser Equality Charters at Advance HE about why it is important to highlight the experiences of LGBT+ people in a higher education space.

Georgina says, "Higher education almost has a civic responsibility to ensure that they are as inclusive as possible and really embrace that diversity of thought and being. It's creating that sense of belonging where everyone can thrive; where everyone is able to give their whole selves to that university or research institute."

Xe talks about the challenges that staff and students have to navigate in HE and offers recommendations such as using inclusive language, gender pronouns and progressive guidance on policies to support LGBT+ staff and students.

Look out for more videos from Georgina during the rest of LGBT+ History Month.


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