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How can we provide assessment feedback that is both more learner-centred and more efficient to develop and deliver?

28 Oct 2019 | Patrick Baughan In this blog Patrick Baughan details what you can expect from the Facing the Future Webinar and how the issue of providing effective feedback will be interrogated.

It is well established that assessment and feedback represent long-term challenges for the higher education sector, both in the UK and internationally. Whilst the issue of providing timely, good quality, learner-centred feedback provides certain challenges and frustrations, it also offers opportunities for innovation – for staff and for students. In this Facing the Future Webinar, drawing on the perspectives of three expert speakers, we consider assessment feedback from two starting points.

On the one hand, as an area which consumes significant staff time, how can we produce and utilise feedback efficiently, leaving more time for our other professional activities?

On the other, what steps can be taken to add to the value of feedback for learners, ensuring that it represents an authentic learning opportunity? Do these two aims compete or can they be managed together? In fact, there are examples of innovative strategies and practices, and in this webinar, we intend to share some of these – as well as provide a forum for other related issues and ideas.

We are delighted to draw on the research and pedagogic expertise of our three speakers, each of whom will consider the question with a slightly different ‘take’. Dr Berry O’Donovan, Principal Lecturer at the Business School, Oxford Brookes University, National Teaching Fellow and Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Professor Kay Sambell, Chair in HE Pedagogy at Edinburgh Napier University and co-author of the influential book Assessment for Learning in Higher Education, and Dr Georgeta Ion, Associate Professor at the Department of Applied Pedagogy, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and lead on several research projects on assessment and self-regulated learning.

The webinar will offer insight to any academic and professional staff with a role or interest in the oversight and design of assessment and feedback with and for learners, as well as to interested students. It is being organised by Patrick Baughan and Ruth Wells at Advance HE and Patrick will also chair. There will be some time for questions and discussion too, following short presentations by each author.

Do join us for what should be a positive, stimulating and very popular event.

Facing the Future - How can we provide assessment feedback that is both more learner-centred and more efficient to develop and deliver? is open for booking now. 

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