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How do we get people engaged?

21 Nov 2019 | Advance HE The Puzzle of Positive Motivation, an Advance HE members only event, will be focussed on answering the question ‘How do we get people engaged?’. The event is part of the Connect Event Series of webinars and face-to-face events.

‘How do we get people engaged?’ – the perennial questions for anybody in leadership, teaching or other forms of engagement. Participants at The Puzzle of Positive Motivation event will work through this issue by exploring their own motivations, sharing insights, hearing from experienced colleagues with contrasting stories of motivation and engagement and considering the facets of Higher Education, ancient and modern, that influence how motivation works. They will then review some established and emerging thinking, play with giant carrots, and work together creatively to develop their own models of motivation.

The challenge of getting people engaged extends across the academy from students to external stakeholders and is equally vexing for both academic and professional colleagues.  

Doug Parkin, Principal Adviser for Leadership and Management at Advance HE, said

“I’m excited to reveal a few early thoughts which will be tackled at the event. The Puzzle of Positive Motivation for me stems from the idea of loving others and being kind to yourself, that’s leadership value number one. You can talk about kindness, compassion and inclusion all you like, but without love for others they are just hollow words. Caring for others, the quality of their lives and the achievement of their talents, linked to purpose, that’s leadership.”

Read Leadership, love and the giant carrot, Doug Parkin’s latest resource on this subject.

The Puzzle of Positive Motivation will be explored and applied specifically to the higher education sector. Part of the puzzle is that the more discretionary the task or undertaking is perceived to be, the more significant the challenge of motivation and engagement becomes.  Like the classic strategic learner, unless persuaded otherwise people will often invest their energy where they feel they will get the highest return. As a result, the puzzle and human energy lies at the heart of engagement. 

This event is part of the Connect Event Series of webinars and face-to-face events. The Puzzle of Positive Motivation is one of four member-networking events held over the course of the year. 

The events are in the format of workshops and aim to encourage member institutions to come together and explore solutions to key thematic challenges. The workshops aim to provide participants with the opportunity to hear from thought leaders and participate in conversation on how their institutions are preparing the next generation of learners for living, learning and working in an ever-changing technological environment.

Book your place on The Puzzle of Positive Motivation taking place on 14 January 2020 in Bristol.


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