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Introducing our 2021-2022 Inclusive Teaching and Learning Workshop series

13 Sep 2021 | Jess Moody Advance HE Senior Adviser Jess Moody introduces our new suite of open workshops to support the enhancement of inclusive teaching and assessment.

Advance HE has a wealth of experience in supporting institutions to reflect on current practice and approaches to change, alongside working with individuals through Fellowship and other opportunities to develop reflective, critical and inclusive practice. We also know that our ‘open’ workshops – provided online, with skilled facilitators – remain a popular and flexible way to learn and share with others across institutions and borders.

Workshops to meet the challenge

We’re delighted to introduce our new suite of online workshops under the umbrella of ‘Inclusive Learning, Teaching and Assessment’ (ILTA). These interactive workshops are designed to complement each other as a pathway, or be taken as standalone modules. Each module focuses on key sites of change and challenge.

  1. Introduction to EDI in Learning, Teaching and Assessment provides participants with a sound sector overview of current challenges, a chance to explore key concepts and questions, and to start thinking about enhancing their own practice.
  2. Inclusive and Equitable Assessment and Feedback looks at what –and who –assessment and feedback is really for, through the lens of inclusion and equity. We’ll centre the latest research, case studies, and sector concerns.
  3. Inclusive Curriculum will help delegates explore not just the why, but the how of inclusive curriculum change, with reflection on their own local or institutional approaches.
  4. Inclusive student engagement and partnership will consider the equality challenges around student engagement, as well as the opportunities of partnership with students in inclusive teaching enhancement.
  5. Leading on Inclusive Learning and Teaching is aimed at those leading others in implementing more systemic, cultural or operational change. We will examine the challenges and opportunities in this space, as well as reflections on inclusive leadership, positionality, and authenticity.

Inclusive learning and teaching EDI workshop series:

Our new Inclusive learning and teaching EDI workshop series is a suite of five modules that can be taken individually or as a programme of development covering an introduction to EDI in teaching and learning, inclusive and equitable assessment and feedback, inclusive curriculum, inclusive engagement and leading on inclusive teaching and learning. 

Find out more about our bundle offer and book your place.

Our approach

Every institution, department and discipline has its own history, challenges, and cultures, so these workshops don’t aim to be prescriptive around solutions or approaches. Instead we aim to share evidence, literature and case studies to inform and inspire your work; challenge assumptions and increase critical thinking and engagement on this topic; and support you to hold confident conversations and create the change you need.

Our blended approach of two separate half-day sessions, alongside a small amount of independent work, will also provide space for deeper reflection and the chance to apply your learning to ‘live’ issues.

Is it for you?

Importantly, we want these workshops to be a space where academic staff and professional services staff who support teaching and learning, can come together. We also welcome student sabbatical officers or other key student partners on inclusive education where relevant to their formal roles. We’ll create spaces to share insights and experiences around creating inclusive educational environments which value and consider the needs of all students.

I liked the opportunity to discuss pertinent issues on inclusive and equitable assessment and feedback in a very friendly atmosphere”

University Educational Developer

We believe inclusive education is a shared endeavour and responsibility, and want to ensure everyone has an understanding of key concepts, the critical tools to hold transformative conversations, and access to the latest research and evidence. Our range of Advance HE Senior Advisers and expert associates look forward to our conversations, and supporting you over the academic year.

Jess Moody is the programme director for ILTA, and a Senior Adviser focusing on inclusion and equity in the student and staff experiences.

We feel it is important for voices to be heard to stimulate debate and share good practice. Blogs on our website are the views of the author and don’t necessarily represent those of Advance HE.

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