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Member Benefit Round-up April 2022

28 Apr 2022 | Advance HE This member benefit round-up provides a summary of recent and upcoming member benefit activity including the Connect Benefit Series projects on Student Success and Inclusive Institutions, the latest project on Organisational Wellbeing, and recent and upcoming publications.

As ever, our member institutions and colleagues employed at those institutions are at the heart of everything we do. In order to make our member benefits as available and accessible to you as possible, each month this summary will provide an overview of recent and upcoming member benefit activity, including the Connect Benefit Series and Fellowship and Accreditation, including the Athena Swan and Race Equality charters. 

Advance HE member benefits are open to all colleagues at Advance HE member institutionsOur member benefits are built from services our members have enjoyed over many years, plus new services developed based on your feedback to ensure greater accessibility and engagement.

Connect Benefit Series - Student Success

The Connect Benefit Series - Student Success theme explores three core areas of focus for student success within higher education: Employability; Access, retention, attainment and progression; and Flexible learning.

Each area of the project centres around a current literature review, the findings of which formed the basis for a series of webinars, podcasts and interactive summits.

Student Success: Employability 

Employability: a review of the literature 2016-2021 informs a number of outputs, including a webinar in which the researchers discuss their findings with Advance HE members and a series of podcasts exploring key areas from measuring employability and the impact of work-integrated learning to addressing inequality. Outputs also include a compendium of case studies entitled ‘Employability, Enterprise, and Entrepreneurship: Solving Wicked Problems.’

You can find out more about the literature review and download associated outputs here.

Student Success: Access, retention, attainment and progression 

Access, retention, attainment and progression: a review of the literature 2016-2021 shows sector developments and/or changes in these key areas relating to Student Success, with outputs including include a webinar in which Sheffield Hallam University’s research team discuss the review and a series of four podcasts, each dedicated to one of the four areas under review.

You can find out more about the literature review and download associated outputs here.

Student Success: Flexible learning

Flexible learning: a literature review 2016 - 2021 identifies and examines the key drivers of flexible learning, from the influence of Covid-19 to the development of technologies and technology-dependent initiatives. Outputs from this theme include a webinar in which review author Professor Mark Loon speaks to his findings, and a series of podcasts focussing on flexible learning from technological, systemic, cultural, and global perspectives.

You can find out more about the literature review and download associated outputs here.

The next phase of the Student Success project will be Assessment and feedback. You can register your interest here.

Connect Benefit Series - Organisational Wellbeing

Connect Benefit Series – Organisational Wellbeing runs until July and will explore the link between healthy and prosperous universities and the wellbeing of staff and students. 

This area of focus comprises a range of events and outputs, including an introduction blog, a sandpit event for senior leaders, a Tweetchat (25 May, 20:00 BST) and a series of recordings promoting holistic approaches to wellbeing at work. A reflective webinar will take place 4 July 11:00 BST, allowing an interactive opportunity to discuss the series of recordings. You can book your place here

The project aims to embed wellbeing as a cornerstone of organisational thinking, addressing the need to effect transformation on three levels:  

  • Strategic – implementing wellbeing as an integral part of organisational strategy  
  • Management - implementing wellbeing strategies specifically for students  
  • Operational - implementing mindful leadership and ways of working to promote organisational wellbeing.

Find out more here.

Connect Benefit Series – Inclusive institutions: enabling and supporting culture change

This project addresses the barriers that limit access and belonging, with particular attention to removing barriers to marginalised groups which can only be implemented and sustained through an inclusive institution with a culture that is well aligned to purpose, values and goals. The project aims to:

  • Stimulate new thinking for governing bodies and senior executive
  • Consider wellbeing through the lens enabling culture
  • Explore inclusive culture and creating the right conditions for academic staff to be innovative and deliver flexible teaching and learning.
  • Identify ‘what works’ examples via case studies and reflections from a range of institutions.

Find out more here.

Intersectionality in Practice: An event for Athena Swan and Race Equality Charter members 5 May (10.00-12.30 BST)

The second Enhancing Practice online event will take place on 5 May at 10.00-12.30 BST. The Intersectionality in Practice event aims to stimulate debate and knowledge sharing among Athena Swan and Race Equality Charter members on understandings of intersectionality and to explore approaches to embedding intersectionality principles in the higher education context.

We will be opening the event with a discussion from speakers to the questions "What are the challenges of addressing intersectional inequalities in HE institutions? And how can leaders and practitioners respond?" which will be followed by thematic group workshops.

This event is open to all Athena Swan and Race Equality Charter members, who are invited to book here.

International event - Introduction to Principal Fellowship (14 June 16:00 AEST)

This free, open-to-all, 90-minute session is for Principal Fellowship for prospective applicants. It will provide an overview of the benefits of Principal Fellowship, the requirements for applying, and details of the resources and support available to applicants. Book your place here.

Recent and upcoming publications

Upcoming: Student Success: assessment and feedback literature review: 2016-2021

This review, conducted by researchers at the University of Kent, will provide an insight into the literature, recognising that assessment and feedback practices are amongst the most powerful levers educators have for improving student learning. The authors advocate a broad conception of assessment and feedback to centre student learning and prompt a rethinking of traditional views of assessment and feedback, providing several recommendations for practitioners, policy makers and researchers. Register your interest.


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