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More leaders or better leadership?

25 Mar 2022 | Dr Kay Hack (PFHEA) In this month’s tweetchat two members of our Knowledge and Innovation Directorate, Kay Hack, and Hannah Fromageau, will lead a discussion on leadership in learning and teaching, and ask, ‘what leadership does the teaching community need and what are the attributes for effective leaders?’

Higher education learning and teaching communities are facing a diverse range of challenges - many of which are in tension with one another. How do we widen access to higher education whilst ensuring all graduates reach benchmarked employability outcomes? How do we ensure freedom of speech whilst ensuring the campus is a safe space for all students and staff? How do we meet the needs of students who are craving the in-person social experiences they signed up for whilst leveraging lessons learnt from the pivot to online teaching? How do we improve retention whilst maintaining standards? How do we assure the quality of provision whilst creating a culture for enhancement and change?

Academic leadership is multi-faceted, requiring a deep understanding of these issues, and more, plus appreciating how they are contextualised by discipline, faculty or institution. Addressing these challenges requires many different skills and attributes, from data and policy analysis, creativity, innovation, identifying and supporting professional development needs, and providing the appropriate culture for a flourishing academic community of staff and students, whilst simultaneously keeping up with the feeding cycle of the administrative machine.

Join us for our monthly tweetchat with the #LTHEchat community where we will explore the concept of Academic Leadership and ask what sort of leadership learning and teaching communities need and how can we develop and nourish effective leadership throughout the academic life-cycle, from supporting students to develop and evaluate their leadership skills to helping academics transition from informal to formal leadership positions.

Join @AdvanceHE_chat and @LTHEchat  on Wednesday 31 March at 20:00 BST using the hashtags #LTHEchat #AdavanceHE_chat

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