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New Advance HE report – Black Lives Matter and the student voice

29 Jun 2021 | Advance HE What can we learn from actions that followed the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020?

Advance HE’s new report Black Lives Matter and the student voice examines a sample of statements and actions undertaken by UK universities in response to Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests that occurred in the UK and around the world from May 2020.

The report aims to ensure that momentum gathered during the summer of 2020 is not lost and that universities are “encouraged to evaluate their response to BLM and explore the need for further work in terms of anti-racist initiatives and their applicability to other types of intersectional injustice.”

The report highlights examples of activities undertaken in response to BLM, or already underway and how these approaches might be used to address other types of intersectional injustice. It offers an accessible introduction to how staff working in HE, whether as senior leaders or specifically as EDI practitioners, might ‘build on’ initiatives associated with BLM to advance structural change within their university.

Amanda Aldercotte, Advance HE, Head of Knowledge and Research, said, “In bringing together three topics in the current higher education landscape –  the momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement, the power of the student voice, and being able to learn from one equality area and apply it to another – this particularly insightful report will hopefully inspire institutions and the sector to follow suit and seize the opportunities presented to them.

Download the full report: Black Lives Matter and the student voice

Tackling structural race inequality in higher education

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