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Showcasing research and thinking in Dental and Medical Education

18 Sep 2019 | Advance HE Colleagues from Advance HE share their findings from the ADEE Dental Education Annual Meeting and the AMEE Medical Education Conference.

The ADEE Dental Education Annual Meeting and AMEE Medical Education Conference took place in Berlin and Vienna in August 2019. Both conferences showcased the latest educational research and thinking in these disciplines, and colleagues from Advance HE are pleased to share some of these findings.

The ADEE Annual Meeting showcased how wider issues in education are impacting on dentistry teaching. As Ian Hall, Head of International Membership at Advance HE notes:

“It was particularly interesting to see a focus on sustainability and mental health during the ADEE Meeting. These are both key issues that are affecting education across the world, affecting teaching, curriculum design and the wider support provided for students. It was interesting to hear how these issues are affecting the teaching of dentistry specifically. For example, how clinical waste contributes to a growing “plastic” problem across the world, and how the “high stakes” nature of dentistry can contribute to increasing stress on students.”

Ian Hall

The AMEE conference attracted over 4,000 attendees in sessions covering six days. The programme included a particularly moving keynote from Susan E. Sheridan (Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM), USA) and Suzanne Schrandt (Arthritis Foundation, USA) about the need to involve patients as educators to improve diagnosis in medical professions. Advance HE ran a workshop on the conference programme focussing on student engagement, where participants used a “race track” metaphor to explore approaches to engage with students across their lifecycle to become medical practitioners. The closing session of the conference echoed this session, with compelling research evidence presented by Michelene Chi of Arizona State University in favour of active learning approaches. As Advance HE’s Kathy Wright notes:

“It was pleasing to see Professor Chi presenting a strong case for the approaches we advocate at Advance HE – that using engaging pedagogies encourages deeper learning within students.”

Kathy Wright

Advance HE conducted a collaborative project with Medical Schools during 2018 and 2019 – see here for further information. Advance HE also has Memorandums of Understanding with both ADEE and AMEE. 


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