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Student Success - measuring and measures of employability

14 Sep 2021 | Advance HE Student Success is a six-month longitudinal project for the Connect Benefit Series 2021-22 focusing on access, retention, attainment and progression, and embedding employability in higher education. This is the first in a series of podcasts previewing the findings of a literature review on employability, 2016-21.

Advance HE will publish a literature review on employability, 2016-21, in September 2021 which aims to identify specific impact and evidence in relation to embedding employability within higher education, predominantly since the most recent Advance HE literature review from 2016.

Over the spring and summer of 2021 a research team from Oxford Brookes University undertook a systematic literature review of the extensive material on higher education employability over the last five years. Adopting an explicitly international and multi-disciplinary focus, the team engaged with a wide range of literature across the broad field of employability learning.

This short podcast series offers a preview of some of the dominant themes emerging from the review including measuring and measures of employability, the embedding of employability learning in the curriculum, conceptions and critiques of employability and educational inequalities.

In this first podcast, Dr Andrea Macrae, Principal Lecturer, Stylistics and Student Experience at Oxford Brookes University is joined by Dr Roger Dalrymple, Associate Dean: Student Outcomes at Oxford Brookes University to discuss the measurement of different employability interventions and employability development. 

Advance HE members can download the Measuring and Measures of Employability podcast here 

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The literature review on employability, 2016-21, is supplemented by a number of events and activities including a webinar for Advance HE members on 14 October 2021. Register your interest here

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