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Transforming organisations from student to board – reflective guide

15 Jul 2021 | Kim Ansell and Mark Trezona Kim Ansell, Senior Advisor and Managing Consultant, introduces this new guide for Advance HE members.

April and May 2021 saw Advance HE offering its members a portfolio of materials, resources and opportunities to engage with others on the topic of ‘organisational transformation from student to board’. We considered three key ingredients in transforming organisations:

  • co-creation, clarity and shared understanding of the vision
  • authentic conversations and two-way communication, recognising the centrality of dialogue to support transformation, and
  • joined-up, inclusive and collaborative implementation in which everyone involved feels a part of and takes responsibility for making happen.

As we take this pivotal moment to pause, to imagine the future – however uncertain this may look – and consider what really does work better and what needs to be left behind, we need to ensure that we involve all stakeholders who are likely to be on that journey.

This guide offers a reflection on what we heard and understood from member institutions – from governors, professional staff and academic staff – during the months of the theme; it’s a curation of good practice models, tools and approaches for transforming your university or institution in the ways you want and need to in the coming period. It includes insights and ideas from our experience of working with all communities in a diverse range of institutions that might help in the future.

The report is available to Advance HE members here

Our new Transformative Conversations Programme will benefit leaders in higher education who wish to have better conversations that build strong relationships and improve organisational performance. Find out more and register your interest here


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