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What is the future for higher education provision?

15 Nov 2022 | Advance HE Ahead of a webinar, 29 November, Dr Kay Hack introduces six reports which envision potential future student experiences

What is the future for higher education provision and how should the global higher education sector evolve to meet the growing demands for quality higher education and an enhanced student experience?

These are the questions we’ve been exploring over the past six months, working with teams from across the higher education sector to analyse current trends to envision potential future student experiences.

The reports, published here for Advance HE members, have examined the technological, social, environmental and economic factors that will drive or disrupt the sector.

Drawing from the report findings we have created four future focussed models of higher education:

  • Metaversity: Become immersed in your learning
  • Universitas:  Quality learning for all
  • Analytica: Learn how you learn best
  • CampusConnect: Working locally to change the world

Dr Kay Hack said, “This is a fascinating project and the debate about the future student experience will continuously play out. Future thinking allows us to plan and prepare to create the vision we want for ourselves, our students and our institutions. I am grateful to all the report writers for their hard work and insights and my colleague, Alan Hook, for his design fiction to  help imagine the probable, plausible and possible outcomes for our sector, so we can debate our preferable shared future.”

Staff from Advance HE member institutions are invited to join us and the report authors for an interactive discussion: 12:15-13:45 GMT, 29 November 2022 to explore each of these visions, and the values, pedagogy and technology that underpin them.

The contributing reports and authors

  • 1) Exploring the art of the possible in higher education 2035: modelling evidence-informed competing realities. Virtual Learning Analytics (VLA) University; and

    2) Exploring the art of the possible in higher education 2035: modelling evidence-informed competing realities. HigherEdu5 Arinola Adefila, Sue Lee, Stella Jones-Devitt and Paul Orsmond (University of Staffordshire)
  • Future spaces: virtual realities Fiona Handley, Alex Moseley, Craig Tucker, Mazia Yassim (University Alliance)
  • Future student experience: exploring the idea of a Community Embedded University Darci Taylor, Mollie Dollinger and Lea Piskiewicz (Deakin University)
  • XR-HE 2035 The coming together of extended reality technologies and hybrid learning for an inclusive and inspiring higher education student experience in 2035 Robinson et al (University of Greenwich)
  • A reputational ecosystem for higher education, Dr Stephen Powell, Valeria Vargas, Orlagh McCabe, Dr Li Yuan (Manchester Metropolitan University)

These reports are an outcome of our Collaborative Development Fund 2021-22 and inform one of our Member Benefits projects 2022-23: Beyond Flexible Learning.

Find out more about the Collaborative Development Fund 2022-23.

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