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Amanda Millmore

Amanda is a former practising barrister now teaching Law to undergraduates using approaches which enhance employability and expand traditional disciplinary pedagogy. Amanda’s focus on student partnership and support is transformative in improving student teaching and learning experiences, and her influential collaborative approach is bringing about institutional culture change.
University of Reading
Job Title
Associate Professor in Law

Amanda Millmore began her career in legal practice as a barrister, working primarily in the areas of criminal and family law. After a career break to have children, in which she also ran online CPD training for lawyers, she commenced an academic career teaching Law. Amanda brings her experiences in practice to her teaching, innovatively embedding practical tasks into the theory of law to bring it to life and inspire her students to aim high in their legal careers.  

Amanda’s distinctive, hands-on teaching approach has led to considerable success for her students in the competitive legal employment arena as she equips her students with skills and attributes to ready them for work. Amanda infuses student partnership throughout all areas of her work, and is influential in changing the culture at the University of Reading to one where partnership working is the norm, with a view to improving teaching and learning experiences for all. She leads the university-wide Student Engagement Community of Practice, supporting this culture change. She amplifies students’ voices and brings them into projects as partners with their own role and remit, and involves them in dissemination internally and sector-wide. Her partnership pedagogy is gaining traction and influencing colleagues to transform their practice.  

Amanda’s role as School Director of Academic Tutoring in the School of Law enables her to support students in a variety of ways, focusing particularly on including diverse groups. She was influential in redesigning and implementing a new proactive academic tutoring system at the University of Reading which has been highly praised across the sector. Her collaborative approach extends to working with colleagues across the university on institutional teaching and learning projects, all designed to enhance teaching, learning and student support and her deep understanding of approaches to developing high quality learning experiences influences practice and culture all to ensure that students are well supported.  

The twin pillars of student support and partnership permeate throughout Amanda’s work, in both School and institutional projects as she transforms teaching and students’ learning experiences with her practical teaching approach and influence.  

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