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Amy Barlow

Amy Barlow is Head of Academic Development at the University of Portsmouth. Her pioneering work in student engagement has led to staff-student partnership work which empowers students as change leaders, locally and nationally.
University of Portsmouth
Job Title
Head of Academic Development

Amy is a creative and innovative teacher and has been fortunate to pioneer staff-student partnership initiatives that have transformed policy and driven the evolution of her institutions. She works hard to create opportunities for students to have substantial influence on all aspects of their education. 

Amy has held a number of senior management positions. Her areas of pedagogical expertise are technology enhanced learning, assessment and feedback and student engagement. She has held roles as the Head of Technology Enhanced Learning and Head of Academic Professional Development.

She has sustained success in leading accredited schemes to award Fellowship at two institutions over five years. She has taken both institutions through re-accreditation and created meaningful professional development pathways. The outcome of this work has been a rapid increase in the number of Fellowships awarded.