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Dr Ellie Davison

Ellie Davison has spearheaded the provision of a transformative year zero education at Lincoln, leading teaching on the Science Foundation Year, for students who’ve faced barriers to learning, been away from education, or have non-traditional qualifications. Determined to champion equity in education, she has built an inclusive pathway to success.
University of Lincoln
Job Title
Associate Professor and Foundation Studies Centre Director of Teaching and Learning

Dr Ellie Davison is an Associate Professor and Director of Teaching and Learning of the University of Lincoln’s Science Foundation Year (SFY), providing a year zero for students enrolled on over 40 programmes across the Schools of Pharmacy, Life Sciences, Engineering, Chemistry and Maths & Physics.  

Ellie draws on her research and collaborative skills, developed during her early career as a molecular genetics Research Fellow, and her pedagogic expertise cultivated during her years as an ‘outstanding’ secondary school science teacher. Ellie leads teaching and learning for over 250 students a year who have faced barriers to learning, been away from education, or have non-traditional qualifications. With a respect for diverse talent and ways of learning, flexibility and inclusive design are built-in as default, with multi-format learning activities, differentiated resources, and an assessment strategy that enables all students to showcase their strengths.  

Ellie’s holistic approach to embedding transferable academic, and non-academic skill development into the curriculum, including maintaining positive mental health, ensures students from all backgrounds continue to thrive in future years of their degree, and beyond. Ellie supports colleagues across and beyond the institution to develop their inclusive practice and design accessible blended learning, as well as devising opportunities for students to develop their own teaching and pedagogic research skills.  

Ellie has also supported the development of a Medical Foundation Year at Lincoln, and continues to diversify provision with the development of Lifelong Learning routes into the foundation year for mature students who can demonstrate their aptitude through work-based experiences, and an International SFY to support students outside of the UK who may not have experienced the level of education required to enter higher education. Determined to champion equity in provision and outcomes, Ellie has spearheaded a transformative education in her community and built an inclusive pathway to success. 

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