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Dr Iain Keenan

Dr Iain D. Keenan is a passionate and dedicated educator who is committed to driving positive change in student learning of anatomy locally, nationally and internationally. He achieves highly successful outcomes through constructing effective educational frameworks, developing student partnerships and through creative open-access communication of his innovative evidence-based learning approaches.
Newcastle University
Job Title
Senior Lecturer in Anatomy

Dr Iain D. Keenan is a passionate and dedicated medical educator who is committed to driving positive change in student learning of anatomy within taught and accessible self-directed learning environments.

He is committed to transforming educational outcomes and providing inclusive professional development opportunities for his students, colleagues and collaborators. His wide-ranging activities and strategies have ultimately contributed to numerous enhancements in student learning and experience within anatomical and medical curricula in addition to playing key roles in influencing the progression of academic and clinical careers.

A scholarly, research-led and evidence-based approach to education underpins his teaching practice, and he has developed effective educational frameworks informed by learning theory. This is with a view to scaffolding and supporting effective, efficient and flexible learning of taught anatomy students and project students alike.

He generates positive impacts on student knowledge, transferable skills and employability outcomes through his influential student-partnership programme. This approach has delivered multiple individual impacts for partners in addition to the implementation of numerous curricular innovations.

As a pioneer of educational research within a teaching school focused on curricular administration, he supports colleagues in their professional and pedagogic development through effective mentoring and role-modelling in educational scholarship. Having recognised the visual and three-dimensional nature of his discipline, and the challenges experienced by students when learning spatial and cross-sectional anatomy, he has a clear focus on developing 3D resources to support their learning. Consequently, he advocates digital educational strategies through early adoption and implementation of technology-enhanced 3D learning. This includes delivering anatomy education using visualisation tables and 3D printed anatomical models, while endeavouring to integrate remote accessibility for students.

Iain also makes significant transdisciplinary impacts through sharing both specific and holistic 3D art-based learning strategies with students and educators around the world. He leads global conversations in anatomy education by disseminating his frameworks and innovations via creative communication routes. His strategies include social media sharing, development of a massive open online course and open-access publication of his activities. His approach has resulted in considerable impacts on educators and students at both a national and international level.

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