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Dr Letizia Gramaglia

Dr Letizia Gramaglia is Head of Academic Development and Director of the Warwick International Higher Education Academy (WIHEA). She is a Principal Fellow (PFHEA) and has led educational projects on inclusive pedagogies and assessment. She is responsible for the strategic leadership of academic development, ensuring alignment with institutional priorities and sector trends.
University of Warwick
Job Title
Head of Academic Development and Director of the Warwick International Higher Education Academy

At Warwick, Dr Letizia Gramaglia's leadership of academic development has had a major impact on the whole institution, enhancing the learning experience of staff and students alike. Her strategic redesign of learning and teaching development opportunities into distinctive pathways, aligned to the Professional Standards Framework, has elevated the quality of the provision and made it more accessible, resulting in higher levels of participation, engagement and all importantly, completion. She has successfully led the development of institutional frameworks to ensure greater parity of esteem for colleagues whose work is education-focused (via promotion and probation). Her keen knowledge and understanding of both pedagogy and educational change are recognised nationally and internationally.

Letiza has established a close partnership with the Monash Education Academy and has contributed to the development of an Advance HE accredited scheme for professional recognition of teaching in higher education at Monash University. Her disciplinary background is in post-colonial studies, with a research focus on Indo-Caribbean literature and the history of mental health institutions in the Caribbean.   

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