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Dr Lindsey Ferrie

Combining enthusiasm for her subject discipline, dedication to student support and creativity in educational practice, Dr Lindsey Ferrie makes a significant difference to student outcomes. As a compelling, interactive and forward-thinking leader in her profession, she is creating and ensuring conduits of teaching support and innovation exist locally and nationally.
Newcastle University
Job Title
Senior Lecturer

Lindsey’s philosophy of educational creativity with a purpose has driven her to innovate across multiple areas resulting in tangible differences in learning, the student experience and transitions into and out of higher education.

Supporting students’ introduction to university, she has developed bespoke resources including the Feedback Foghorn and UniCycle, which encourage increased social integration and wellbeing through interactive play and also supports self-reflection in assessment feedback practices. Students consistently highlight how much they appreciate and learn from these initiatives and by dissemination, Lindsey has supported other programmes and universities adopting similar approaches with equal impact on student outcomes.

Throughout her career, Lindsey has been a champion of enhanced employability and the move beyond higher education. The enterprise architecture network she established has had local and national impact on students engaging with careers support and has identified new perspectives on students as educators within the careers sector. Understanding these future needs, Lindsey has led curriculum innovations in areas such as interprofessional learning and the integration of vocational syllabi into research-led programmes.

To achieve parity of esteem between research and teaching, Lindsey is committed to providing fellow educators with dedicated spaces in which they can present, discuss and debate educational research. She has established herself as a prominent educational facilitator by initiating a number of local and national peer-support schemes such as Edubites and the British Pharmacological Society’s Community of Educators. Her work to actively export and import best practice to support her peers’ development and enhance the teaching profession has been highly praised by colleagues.

Taking her teaching enthusiasm outside of higher education, Lindsey has worked with, inspired, and has been inspired, by her local community. She has developed a variety of unique cross-curricular, widening participation events that she shares as ‘open-access’ resources. The profound impact she has had on participants’ motivation for future learning has been highlighted as an innovative practice in engagement. Lindsey has also supported international outreach initiatives. Challenging educational barriers and advocating a wider community of learners remains a central thread of her teaching practice and a core passion of her role as a national educator.