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Dr Norbert Morawetz

Dr Norbert Morawetz is Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship at Henley Business School, University of Reading. He is a leading Enterprise Educator and innovator in learning technology, having designed and developed learning software which supports the digital upskilling and employability of tens of thousands of learners in the UK and internationally.
University of Reading
Job Title
Professor in Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation

Dr Norbert Morawetz is Professor in Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation at Henley Business School, University of Reading, where he has built up one of the most innovative and popular Entrepreneurship programmes in the UK. He has designed numerous modules and initiatives in Entrepreneurship and Digital Leadership, following his passion to equip learners at all levels with the skills and mindset to self-actualise and achieve their potential.  

As an academic innovator, Norbert has designed and developed a number of innovative learning technologies and resources which have been adopted at over 100 institutions in the UK and internationally. This includes Team-Match, the learning software that matches students into better balanced learning teams; the pi Personality Indicator, which has helped over 50,000 students in the UK to increase their self-awareness and guide their personal development, as well as the learning system, which helps universities support employability journeys and skills awards for 100,000s of learners per year.  

Norbert has also played a leading role in developing and supporting the Jisc Discovery Tool, which is improving digital capabilities related to learning and teaching of tens of thousands of staff and students per year. In his drive to deliver an excellent student experience, Norbert frequently collaborates with other institutions, as well as employers. To stop the ‘jobpocalypse’ following the Covid-19 pandemic, Norbert initiated and set-up the Class of 2020 initiative, and led a volunteer team which sourced digital learning from over 40 leading employers including Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce, etc to support over 1,300 young people with free digital upskilling to find employment.  

Prior to joining Henley in 2014, Norbert built up the UK’s largest entrepreneurship programme at the University of Hertfordshire, for which he received the National Enterprise Educator of the Year Award from HEA. Norbert holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Hertfordshire, and an MSc in Business Administration and Economics from the Karl Franzens University Graz (Austria) with distinction.  

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