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Farrukh Akhtar

Farrukh Akhtar’s work as a social worker for over 25 years, and senior lecturer for ten years, has fed her interest in engaging with counter-narratives. She has led a number of innovative projects that have championed the themes of developing inclusive and transformative curricula, increasing student soft skills and creating community.
Kingston University
Job Title
Course Leader, BA in Social Work

Farrukh uses ‘Transformative Life Writing’ to create interactive spaces that open up the potential for active participation and deep learning. This includes developing curricula that enhances students’ emotional intelligence, increasing their insight into themselves and their ability to relate to others.

Her projects include poster exhibitions: ‘Stories into Social Work’ that highlighted ordinary professionals leading extraordinary careers, ‘Unsung Heroes’: staff and students who made a quiet but profound contribution.

Farrukh also introduced a ten-week university-wide ‘Replenish project’ to promote happiness, resilience and community; inspiring the use of creative life writing by introducing ghazals, ….and creating the first ever Kingston University communal ghazal.