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Paul Chesterton

Mr Paul Chesterton is a Senior Lecturer at Teesside University and qualified physiotherapist with an extensive background in healthcare. Through his key areas of activity: Reflective Practice, Students as Partners and Employability, Paul has transformed the pedagogical approach within his subject. His passion is to bridge the gap between education and practice.
Teesside University
Job Title
Senior Lecturer

Paul is a Senior Lecturer at Teesside University. He is a qualified physiotherapist who has a background working in public and private healthcare including professional football.

Through his key areas of activity (Reflective Practice, Students as Partners and Employability), Paul has transformed the pedagogy approach within his subject and university-wide. His passion, to bridge the gap between education and practice, has had wider impact both nationally and internationally.

His work over a 13 year period has been of exceptional quality and is central to developing the student experience at institutional level. He is hugely enthusiastic about developing the student experience and providing a curriculum which is innovative and student-centred.

Paul was awarded Senior Fellowship for his reflective practice developments in healthcare. Since then he has developed novel reflective and feedback practices used sector-wide to support students to become autonomous critical thinkers and expert clinicians within their field.

Importantly, Paul is an active mentor of both students and staff. He aims to achieve positive impacts on the colleagues through a supportive, leadership and research-informed approach. Research is therefore, central to his role, and he is an author of peer-reviewed published work within his discipline and the wider education framework.

Paul’s work extends beyond higher education. He is a Trustee of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Charitable Trust and a board member of the North East Musculoskeletal Society. These roles help shape the physiotherapy profession including grant awards and stimulating quality continuous professional development in musculoskeletal rehabilitation.