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Professor Jo Angouri

Professor Jo Angouri's vision for student empowerment focuses on creating the conditions and support for students to take ownership of their learning and to develop a clear voice and a global outlook through their higher education journey. Jo believes it is important to weave into the fabric of the student academic experience the development of a research mindset and skills, whilst at the same time enable students to apply their knowledge to real world challenges, disseminate their work beyond academia from a very early stage and support them to make a difference in the world.
University of Warwick
Job Title
Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Centre for Applied Linguistics and Strategic Lead for Internationalisation

Jo has made national and international impact in innovative pedagogy through: 

  • Challenge-led curricula; Jo designed and led the delivery of a portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across two institutions with different student profiles, University of the West of England (UWE) Bristol and the University of Warwick.
  • Training and mentoring of Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and PhD students; Jo has worked with the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) to support ECRs and PhD students particularly in cross-disciplinary enquiry and in amplifying the impact of their work. She is currently supervising nine PhD students.

Jo Angouri is Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Centre for Applied Linguistics and Strategic Lead for Internationalisation at the University of Warwick and a Visiting Distinguished Professor at Aalto University, School of Business, Finland. 

Jo has significant experience in research-led education, multidisciplinary curriculum design and undergraduate and postgraduate programme leadership.  Her vision for student empowerment is reflected in the space and support she creates for students to engage in challenge-led learning, undertake original projects and disseminate their work beyond academia from an early stage in their university journey.

Jo has done substantial work on student research and project based learning. She strongly believes that by embedding student research in the curriculum and by creating learning spaces where students and staff co-create knowledge, the students engage with their learning through addressing real world problems and apply theory to practice. This work generates results which can, and often do, lead to high level original contributions to the field and a level of knowledge that exceeds the learning objectives of an undergraduate or postgraduate course. Importantly, it also results in empowering students to make a difference in the world.

Jo is a senior researcher and has a strong presence and involvement in research policy, works for both the AHRC and ESRC and in the last ten years has published 60 refereed papers, three special issues, two books, three edited volumes and two conference proceedings. She is also co-directing two international networks.

In addition to leadership roles, Jo has designed, convened and co-delivered over 30 modules, supervised more than 150 MA dissertations/projects, has seen seven PhD students to completion within 10 years of her own PhD and is currently supervising nine PhD projects. Jo’s own modules regularly receive a top rating and student evaluations of her teaching describe her as ‘enthusiastic, passionate and inspiring’. Her post-graduate and undergraduate students find working with her to be a life-affirming experience producing work of serious value.