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Professor Katherine Linehan

Professor Katherine Linehan is an Anatomist and Educationalist. She creates inspiring inclusive curricula that makes learning Anatomy at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels accessible to all students. As Programme Director for the MSc Human Anatomy with Education she is committed to training the next generation of Anatomy Teachers.
University of Sheffield
Job Title
Professor of Anatomical Education, Faculty Director Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Katherine began teaching Anatomy at the University of Sheffield in 2003. Inspired by her time as a school teacher, she has designed and implemented dynamic and novel approaches to tailor teaching to individual students irrespective of the size of the cohort. This work is complemented by a range of innovative digital resources that she has designed, including a Mass Open Online Course (MOOC) based upon how a real murder case in Sheffield was solved: Finding Mr X. Over 18,000 people worldwide have now completed this course which includes how to examine archaeological human remains and how to complete a forensic facial reconstruction to aid identification of a deceased individual.

Katherine has established strong partnerships with the Police, Forensic Science Service and the Coroner's Office and through these offers her students unique opportunities to explore what it would be like to pursue these careers. She has been an influential voice in driving change for teaching specialist staff in the sector to ensure their talent is recognised and their impact upon the student experience is rewarded through awards and promotion. She has contributed significantly to the introduction of a new academic career pathway at Sheffield which sees an equitable promotion procedure for all academic staff, irrespective of whether they are teaching or research-focused.

Katherine continues to champion equality for all staff and students in every aspect of university life through her role as Director for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for the Faculty of Science. Katherine's proudest achievement is her creation of a unique postgraduate degree designed to train the next generation of exceptional Anatomy Teachers, MSc Human Anatomy with Education. To date, all students who have completed the course have gained Fellowship and 90% are employed teaching Anatomy in higher education across the world.