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Professor Lucy Berthoud

Professor Lucy Berthoud is a Professor of Space Systems Engineering. She believes in teaching students using real world examples to prepare them to meet the challenges of modern industry. She leads a range of innovative educational initiatives that provide transformative learning opportunities for colleagues and students across Bristol and the UK.
University of Bristol
Job Title
Professor of Space Systems Engineering

Lucy works at the University of Bristol where she is leading the University of Bristol Satellite programme, giving students a chance to build and launch their own spacecraft. She has coordinated work across multiple departments to integrate satellite projects into the curriculum.

An award-winning educator and TEDx speaker, Lucy is described by her students as “a fantastic lecturer”, “really enthusiastic and engaging” and “motivated and motivating”. Her teaching philosophy is to inspire students and offer them stimulating opportunities to develop their skills. These opportunities are based on the latest innovations in nano-spacecraft.

Lucy brings her practical experience from industry into her teaching. To support students in their design and operation of the satellite, Lucy and a colleague have established a new satellite laboratory and ground station at the University of Bristol. This facility is unique in the South West of England and has received much press and radio attention. Because of this, many of Lucy’s students have gained positions in the highly competitive space industry.

Lucy is also advancing the excellence of space education in the UK. She has set up and co-chairs a UK-wide Teaching and Learning network for Space Engineering and Science HE staff: the Space Universities Network (SUN). SUN brings together teachers and researchers from across the country to share ideas and enhance student space education. This organisation has a national profile and allows Universities to share ideas, case studies, guest speakers and other resources. Lucy has secured funding and recruited 60 members from 29 Universities. Together, members have prepared a response to government questions on Brexit, consulted with industry to see what skills are sought from graduates and lobbied satellite licensing authorities for better terms for universities. Lucy believes passionately that by pooling resources and working together, UK universities can help their students reach for the stars.