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Nicola Owen

Nicola Owen
Job Title:
Deputy Chief Executive (Operations) at Lancaster University

Nicola Owen is the Deputy Chief Executive (Operations) at Lancaster University. Together with the Director of Finance, she leads the Professional Services at Lancaster.

As Deputy Chief Executive (Operations), she is the Head of Administration and has responsibility for the following administrative divisions:
• Strategic Planning & Governance
• Recruitment, Admissions & International Development
• Facilities
• Human Resources and OED
• Information Systems Services
• Communications and Marketing
• Alumni and Development
• Research and Enterprise Services
• Student Based Services

She also has responsibility, working together with the Deans, via the Faculty Managers, for the effective operation of the administration across the faculties and academic departments. As Secretary she has responsibility for the operation of governance and support to Council as well as a number of other legal, governance and licensing roles.

Along with the above she also has oversight responsibility for the Capital Planning Programme at Lancaster University. Nicola has been elected to the position of Chair of the Association of Heads of University Administration a position she commenced on 1 April 2020 for a period of three years.