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Debra Morris

Debra is Co-Chair of the University Athena Swan Steering Group and a member of its SAT. Previously, she was Dean of the School of Law and Social Justice (2014-2021) and was proud to play a significant role in the School being awarded its Athena Swan Bronze award in 2018.
University of Liverpool
Job Title
Professor of Charity Law & Policy - School of Law and Social Justice

Throughout her academic career, Debra has held a strong personal commitment to equality and diversity.  Her teaching and research interests include equality law.  As Director of the Charity Law & Policy Unit, Debra leads of team of researchers. Her own research has focused on different aspects of charity law and regulation, ranging from the ‘public benefit’ test through to the impact of equality law on charities.  She has written widely in the area of charity law and policy and has presented at conferences and seminars around the world.

Debra is committed to the promotion of the EDI agenda.  She is a member of the Society of Legal Scholars EDI Committee, whose overarching aspiration is to ensure that legal academia is a profession representative of all and for all.

Having previously served as an Athena Swan panel member, Debra is delighted to now take on the Chair role.  She is strongly of the view that real engagement with Athena Swan can play a significant role in advancing gender equality within Universities.