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Dr Lindy-Ann Blaize Alfred

Dr Lindy-Ann Blaize Alfred is a Lead Consultant, EDI at Advance HE. A Senior Fellow, Lindy-Ann brings over three decades of experience in a range of education sectors both nationally and internationally.
Advance HE
Job Title
Lead Consultant, EDI

She considers herself firstly as a teacher/facilitator, offering a ‘principled’ space for ‘participants to freely engage with and leverage their unique cultural wealth within any given learning arena. 

Lindy-Ann embodies a creative and innovative flare to work in equality and inclusion and has built a reputable focus on equitable outcomes for students and staff marginalised by society. Her doctoral work focussed the persistence of international women in Higher Education, and this continues to be the focus of her research and practice in both further and higher education. 

With  a clear understanding of the UK Higher education context and equality frameworks, specializing in progressive approaches to developing staff professional competency, she currently works across the sector designing and delivering high impact CPD which incorporates post-colonial methodological approaches to feminist research; covers race equity and organisational alignment to the race equality charter, and leading AdvanceHE fellowship recognition  and accreditation at institutions in the UK. 

She has also worked across the sector and internationally to develop a systematic ‘thought mapping’ approach to embedding equality and diversity in the curriculum. Most recently working with further and higher education institutions in developing countries to support gender equality and social inclusion in a range of initiatives. Outside the sector, Lindy-Ann continues to advocate on behalf of the most vulnerable by volunteering within the community as a school governor and on the panel hearing system in Scotland. Lindy-Ann is currently co-editing a book of indigenous methodologies with HE colleagues in the Caribbean and beyond.