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Professor Pete Boyd

He is professor emeritus in professional learning at the University of Cumbria and focused on supporting the development of research-informed practice in education. He works as an education consultant, research mentor and doctoral research supervisor with academics, lecturers and teachers in universities, colleges, and schools.
University of Cumbria
Job Title
Professor Emeritus of Professional Learning

In his early career he taught in comprehensive schools and outdoor education for 15 years before moving to a teacher educator role based in higher education. He currently contributes to PhD research supervision and welcome enquiries from potential research students. He leads the research and development project ‘becoming a teacher educator’ and have also published research on the work and identity of professional educators in nursing and applied health professions. He has a research interest in assessment and feedback and am currently chair of the assessment in higher education network conference. As an associate consultant with Advance HE, he is part of the ‘degree standards’ project which is focused on shared academic standards and professional development of external examiners in higher education. He collaborates in research with schoolteachers, including a role within the NNW maths hub, and current projects are focused on material-dialogic teaching, mastery teaching approaches in maths and mixed-age teaching.