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Quinn Runkle

Quinn Runkle is the Director of Education at SOS-UK (Students Organising for Sustainability). Quinn leads SOS-UK’s education work, which aims to embed sustainability through all aspects of learning, like a golden thread from early years through to adult education. Quinn manages the team that leads systems-change education campaigns like Teach the Future and MockCOP as well as education consultancy, projects and programmes like Responsible Futures, SDG Curriculum Mapping, For Good and ESD Changemakers.
Job Title
Director of Education

Previously, she managed the Students' Green Fund project at the University of Bristol Students’ Union and delivered student sustainability engagement and education programmes at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

Quinn is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education at the UCL Institute of Education and holds a BA in Geography and Political Science with a concentration in Sustainability from the University of British Columbia. Quinn achieved Practitioner Membership in Environmental Management and Assessment (PIEMA) in 2018 accredited by IEMA and was named one of the ‘Top 30 under 30 Environmental Educators’ by the North American Association of Environmental Education in 2017.