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Ri Chakraborty

Ri Chakraborty is a trained Broadcast Journalist, award-winning global senior Executive Producer/Commissioner, 28 years' experience in TV, Film, Arts innovation, and an elected Fellow of the Royal Society for arts, manufactures and commerce (RSA).
Job Title
Chair of Aakash Odedra Dance Company

Twice-elected member of Governing Council at Norwich University of the Arts, where she is Deputy Chair on both Nominations Committee and People Committee; Ri is also Council Lead for SMT Student Experience. As Chair of Financial Education Charity, WizeUp, she is also their safeguarding Lead for theJack Petchey Foundation.

Ri oversees and advises on arts strategies; creative health/education, innovation, commissions productions, and exec produces with large teams across global film/tv slates. As an Ambassador with the Digital Poverty Alliance, she helps advise on content strategy.