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Zainab Khan

Zainab has worked in HE for 15 years, prior to this she trained as a barrister before embarking upon her academic career. As well as being Pro Vice Chancellor at London Metropolitan University, she is also Director of the Centre for Equity & Inclusion
London Metropolitan University
Job Title
Pro Vice Chancellor Teaching & Learning

Zainab progressed into management fairly quickly, moving from operational roles into strategic posts which have often focussed on driving improvement against TEF metrics and improving disparities in student outcomes.  Zainab also had experience in international partnership and marketing which she enjoyed for many years.  

A golden thread of her professional pursuits has always been a strong commitment to advancing EDI within HE.  For several years Zainab held dual titles which ran concurrently, stretching traditional academic leadership with EDI leadership. This has led her developing expertise and practice of embedding inclusion into mainstream activity and culture within organisations.  Zainab has had successes with large-scale interventions and strategic programmes designed to improve outcomes for Black and minority ethnic individuals and as a result have a profile within the Sector for championing race equality within HE.