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The transformed UK Athena Swan Charter: Assessing your culture and reviewing your policies

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United Kingdom
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2 hours
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Higher Education and Further Education
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Free event


This webinar is designed to support Athena Swan Charter members in the UK to assess your culture and review your policies for an application under the transformed Charter.

This webinar will discuss evaluating your culture and your policies can support your gender equality work and goals.

It will include an overview of the transformed charter expectations in relation to evaluating your culture and policies. It will consider ‘what is culture’ and how to assess what can be a nebulous concept.

It will share good practice, tips and advice on how to evaluate your culture and policies for gender equality impact.

It will be led by Ellie Highwood, a Charters Associate at Advance HE.

The webinar is part of a series of four webinars intended to support members preparing to adopt the transformed Charter. You need to register for each webinar individually and you can choose to join all the webinars or just the ones of interest to you.

This webinar will be relevant for anyone preparing an Athena Swan application under the transformed Charter, including staff from Research Institutes, Universities, or academic departments. There is no institutional limit on how many staff attend.

You can tell us about any questions you have in relation to this topic using this link and we will address as many of them as possible at the webinar: