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Challenging privilege and the 'danger of the single story': Online

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United Kingdom
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Excellence in practice
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Virtual Workshop
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3.5 hours
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Higher Education and Further Education
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This online workshop aims to deepen understanding of the barriers to equality, diversity and inclusion that exist in higher education through an examination of how majority group privilege reinforces structural and cultural inequalities. We will critically reflect on a range of scholarship (including but not limited to Robin DiAngelo’s ‘White Privilege’,  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s ‘single story’;  Patricia Hill Collins discussion of ‘standpoint’; and Kimberlé Crenshaw on intersectionality’) as a means of exploring the limitations on our understanding of difference and commonality. Participants will explore how privilege operates, the impact on different protected groups, and unpick common ‘stories’ about equality in Higher Education. Importantly, participants will leave having had the space to reflect on their own privilege and with practical steps to tackle inequality.

Learning Outcomes

• Greater awareness of the concept of privilege and how it impacts on structures, cultures and practices in higher education institutions.
• Increased understanding of how privilege creates and sustains differential experiences and outcomes for majority and minority groups.
• Greater understanding of how privilege operates within, across and between protected characteristics.
• Increased awareness of strategies to minimise the likelihood of a ’single story’ view determining approaches to learning and teaching and to employment practices.
• Increased confidence to develop actions that address inequality and build a sense of belonging for both students and staff.

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Who should attend?

The workshop is likely to be of interest to EDI and HR specialists, academic and professional services staff responsible for student experience, and anyone who is interested in deepening their understanding of why inequalities persist and gaining fresh insight in to how to tackle them.

Benefits for the individual

• The opportunity to deepen understanding, in a safe environment, of the concept of privilege and how it creates and sustains systems, processes and cultures of inequality.
• Increased confidence to identify the impact of privilege at a personal and institutional level and to take action to address it.

Benefits for the institutions 

• Enhanced understanding of how majority group privilege sustains inequality and negatively impacts upon the experiences of minority group students and staff.
• Increased awareness of the practical steps that institutions can take to address the impact of privilege and build belonging for all students and staff.