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Changebusters - Using theory and evidence to explore impact on student outcomes

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ChangeBusters - Using theory and evidence to explore impact on student outcomes

Dr Liz Austen & Nathaniel Pickering, Sheffield Hallam University

In November 2021, an AdvanceHE integrative literature review was published (Austen 2021), which explored evidence of what is working to enhance student outcomes (access into Higher Education, retention and attainment whilst studying, and progression to employment or further study - ARAP). It found that impact reporting could be improved. The review team recommended providing support for those designing interventions and evaluating impact, specifically to support users to complete a logical connection between evidence informed intervention design and student outcomes.

This webinar will introduce participants to a Theory of Change and explain how it is being used to design interventions and evidence impact in higher education. After attending this webinar, it is hoped that participants will understand the stages of a Theory of Change and the increasing expectations for use across the student lifecycle.  This will include an introduction to the ChangeBusters game which has been designed by a team at Sheffield Hallam University and is now available via AdvanceHE.

Dr Liz Austen (Head of Evaluation and Research)

Liz leads institutional and sector wide research and evaluation in higher education at Sheffield Hallam University and as an independent HE consultant. She is well known for her work on using evidence for enhancement of student outcomes and exploring methods of hearing student voices, specifically championing creative approaches and ethical practices.

Nathaniel Pickering (Senior Lecturer in Student Engagement, Evaluation and Research)

Nathaniel is a Senior Lecturer in Student Engagement, Evaluation and Research at Sheffield Hallam University. His role includes externally funded research within higher education and institutional research and evaluation focused on improving student experiences and outcomes. This research focuses on access in to higher education, social justice in education, and educational policy discourse