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Curriculum Design Symposium: The Hidden Curriculum: Unpacking the academic practices critical for student success

Advance HE, York
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United Kingdom
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Participation rates in Higher Education grow generation by generation, and as a result the demographic profile of the student body changes. In response to this shifting profile educators must reconsider the assumptions they make in curriculum design taking in to account the accrued cultural and social capital of this emergent student population.

By way of a keynote session, participant-led workshops and presentations, and a closing plenary, the event will offer insights and solutions for the enhancement of curriculum design within departmental and institutional contexts.

Drawing on research and evidence-informed practice, the event will appeal especially to academic leaders and professional staff with roles incorporating the oversight and design of curriculum, and retention and success for learners.

Symposium aims

The symposium aims to:

  • Build understanding about evidence-informed frameworks, principles and practice for inclusive curriculum design;
  • consider approaches in re-evaluating curriculum design practices at the institutional level (cross-disciplinary) or at departmental or subject level (disciplinary);
  • look at how curriculum design practices can be enhanced within institutional contexts.

Keynote: Professor Paul Kleiman

Orderly disorders and radical re-alignments: Rethinking the curriculum

As the configurations of higher education become ever more complex, institutions and disciplines try to work out how best to configure/re-configure themselves in order to ensure sustainability and success. In that process debates about the purposes of higher education have become increasingly serious and pressing. Located somewhere within the challenging socio-political-economic drivers and pressures are discourses and practices associated with creativity, innovation and transformation. Frequently these appear to be, or are perceived to be, paradoxical or even antithetical in a higher education system focused increasingly on predictable linearity, supplying the job market, and reducing graduates to both customers and human capital. But, as our students face an increasingly complex and uncertain future, we may well need to re-think the facets of the hidden curriculum: what is taught, and why and how it is taught.

Professor Paul Kleiman

Paul Kleiman is Senior Consultant (Higher Education) at Ciel Associates and a Visiting Professor at Middlesex University and Rose Bruford College. Following work as a theatre designer, director and writer he was one of the founding tutors of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) where he was Head of Performance Design and Head of Assessment. Paul has been at the forefront of supporting learning and teaching in higher education through his eleven years (2000-2011) as Deputy Director of PALATINE - the UK Subject Centre for Dance, Drama and Music - and, from 2011 -2014, as the Higher Education Academy’s UK Lead for those disciplines. Paul’s work and research span several fields and, particularly, his work on creativity and assessment is cited in books and journals across a range of disciplines. His national and international consultancy work focuses on arts curriculum strategies, enhancing creativity in learning and teaching, and working with institutions to develop and implement innovative approaches to assessing creative arts practices.


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