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Facing the Future - How can we provide assessment feedback that is both more learner-centred and more efficient to develop and deliver? (Members only)

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As part of our enhanced range of member benefits for the 2019/20 academic year, we are running a series of webinars which cover the themes of ‘facing the future’ and ‘global perspectives’, and will focus on creating and sharing new knowledge as well as an opportunity to engage in discussion with colleagues from Advance HE member institutions globally.


Feedback in higher education remains a problematic area, with both students (recipients of feedback) and staff (providers of feedback) expressing concerns about the process. Quality and timeliness of feedback remain two key issues, though there are others too. This webinar draws on the expertise of three speakers to consider two related ‘dilemmas’ in feedback, asking how we can make feedback more useful and meaningful to the learner (in a way that promotes their learning) whilst also being quicker and more efficient to produce (in a way that is hopefully helpful to the teacher or academic writing the feedback). Speakers will offer some ideas in response to the questions and comment on whether these issues are contradictory (can feedback be both more efficient to administer and more learner-focused?) or complementary. There will be an opportunity to consider other, related feedback issues, as well as consider ideas and innovations in relation to the above assessment feedback.