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Fellowship Application Builder (FAB)

County / Region
United Kingdom
Position on the Pathway
Excellence in practice
Fellowship Category
Event Type
Online training
Fellowship / UKPSF
Start Date
End Date
6 weeks
Institution Type
Higher Education
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Advance HE is delighted to offer the Fellowship Application Builder (FAB). A short online, self-directed course of six units designed to enable participants to use their experience of their teaching and supporting learning practice in Higher Education to develop an application for Fellowship (Descriptor 2).

The aims of the course are to:

  • Introduce participants to the requirements of Fellowship (Descriptor 2)
  • Examine the UK Professional Standards Framework (PSF) and the Fellowship application process
  • Provide support and guidance to develop an application for Fellowship

This short course provides the support and guidance to develop your application for Fellowship, it does not award Fellowship upon completion.

Please ensure you complete the Fellowship Category Tool before booking a place on the Fellowship Application Builder course to establish which category of Fellowship is the closest match to your current practice.

Course Content

Six Units of Study:

Unit 1 – Welcome to the course, Orientation and Introduction

Unit 2 – Working with the UK Professional Standards Framework (PSF)

Unit 3 – Writing for success

Unit 4 – Building your application

Unit 5 – Supporting Statement and essential components of the application

Unit 6 – Submitting your application

All units are self-directed to be undertaken at your own pace. One scheduled live, 1hour session to take place in between Units 3 and 4, time and date to be confirmed on enrolment.

Who is the course for?

If you are teaching and/or supporting learning in Higher Education and would like to be professionally recognised for your successful and effective practice, the FAB provides you with the opportunity to engage in a range of activities and tools to develop and construct a direct application for Fellowship to Advance HE .