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GDP: Student Governor (Winter)

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United Kingdom
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Governor's Pathway
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Networking Events
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Day two of two standalone days and webinar
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Higher Education and Further Education
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Alternative dates

If you are unable to make this date but would like to attend, we are running an alternative date for this event in September 2019.
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Governors Pathway

For new and returning Student Governors.

For 2019-20 the Student Governor Development Programme will comprise of two standalone face to face days and a webinar. Day one will take place on 10 September 2019 and will equip incoming Student Governors with the skills to thrive in their new role as well as providing an update and networking space for returning Student Governors. Day two will take place on 23 January 2020 and will allow new and returning student governors to reflect on their year to date, provide further skills development and network mapping as well as preparing them for their end of year handover. Participants will also have access to a webinar taking place late Autumn (date TBC). More information on day one can be found here. To get the most out of Student Governors, participants will ideally take part in both face-to-face activity days but each event can be booked separately if required.

Day two (Winter) will provide a chance for new Student Governors to reflect on their first 5-6 months on the governing body including their induction, first board meetings and end of year reporting. The event will build on the day one event in September and provide participants with a space to reflect and share their experience as well as look forward to how they can maximise their impact in the second half of the year.

For returning Student Governors there is a dedicated strand of activity and content with a chance to reflect on the experiences of the previous year with expert facilitation and advice to maximise your contribution in your second year.

This will be a highly participative event, with case studies and discussion groups and will provide many opportunities for delegates to debate and discuss. The programme will feature a number of nationally-known keynote speakers, interactive exercises and an opportunity for participants to network with other Student Governors.

By the end of the event, student governors will explore:

  • Reflections on the year to date,
  • Action plans on how to develop skills further
  • Network mapping (consider which relationships have been developed so far & which can be developed further)
  • Consider transition and handover
  • Implications of the changing policy landscape

The event will feature a number of nationally-known keynote speakers, interactive exercises and an opportunity for participants to network with student governors from other institutions across the UK, and to subsequently use these contacts to share matters of concern and seek guidance. This conference complements the acclaimed NUS summer training programme.

This event is for Student Governors in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. A separate 1 day event is scheduled for Scottish Student Governors.


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If you would like to find out more about our other governance events, please visit our Governance Development Programme page.

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